PositiveAffirmationsPowerRemix -ver2.mp3


(This is remix)

Upgraded to more powerful version.

Positive affirmations power remix include:

– 32 minutes of positive affirmations.

Affirmations are recorded by English Native Speakers (US).

These are affirmations especially for men.

Affirmations was recorded by Female Speakers – so their (affirmations) energy has “female energy” – because it is remixed in “Power Remix Style” – it has nice feeling energies for men.

This audio can create basic attraction to opposite sex – theoretically for both sex – but mostly for men. Women can act nicely or very friendly.

These positve affirmations include these topics:
– “I love myself”
– “I accept myself”
– “women love me”
– “people adore me”
– “I am confident”
– “I am greatful”
– “self-esteem”
and much more..

This audio is similary remix to “Chrisma & Attraction for men” and it works almost at instant – after very few listenings.

It is design for listen at low volume.

It has some music backgrounds.

That’s what other says:
– “it is very pleasing to listen to inintially”
– “i like this alot, it feels good, what are the affirmations?”
– “feel happy as hell, what did you put into it???”
– “I listen for 10 min and I have great attraction..women look at me everywhere I go.. wow.. Great work”

Wish you create super positve states of mind with this mp3!

Promo price: $2.99 soon $4

Good Luck!

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Super Faith.mp3

This mp3 is made to SUPER-CHARGE anyone FAITH in ownself as well super FAITH in God. After few listens you will feel STRONGER – and naturally STRONGER.

There isn’t any listening limits. Can be listen at low volume at any time at any activities – also while during sleep.

The mp3 has natural strong statments that works by intention and energy matrix – and works for everyone all around world – for any person – even if his native language is not english.

If you like this mp3 (on Youtube is low birate copy) or you decide to give gratification to the author – you can order this – BUT at Youtube is still fully working copy – it’s upit own choice.

This could be “electronic” supplement or replacment for many harmful drugs available on the market.

Good luck on your way to be STRONG Intetrnally!

Link to mp3: http://seductionmagicflow.tradebit.com/detail/233032115-super-faith-mp3

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Internal Power for Attract Hot Women.mp3

This is very advanced mp3 – last development and example how to making mp3s that works.

Here – listener build through listen to this mp3 – superb internal power for attract right women in own’s life.

This is not remix in any way – it pure one track recording – that opens doors to inner game with women – also opens slightly 4th (heart) chakra – the place which is responsible for creating new relationships.

In this track are encoded powerful statments that transform inner – deep thoughts – and create xtreme mind-set that firstly create in your subsconscious THAT “you are already in relationships” – and secondly your subsconscious change the reality around you – into abundance of right women for you.

My good and honest friend wrotes me:

“Yes it works very ok’d got lots of looks from girls”.

This mp3 is available on Youtube – but if you in anyway whould like to say “Thank you” – you can purchase this mp3 with orginal bit rate.

Listen as you feel – 4-6 times per day or more

It can be listen at low volume as well during sleep or while doing other activities at any time.

Good luck!


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Magic Mp3s

made with passion:


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